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Drive-by post of two Major Arcana-only fanart Tarot "decks" by The Mutinous Mermaid (Etsy):

Since each card is almost twice the size of my hand, these are not really practical decks so much as collections of mini-prints. They arrive with certificates of authenticity, which is...cute? but doesn't interest me much. I was disappointed that they were shrink-wrapped and did not come with any kind of box to store them in. There are no booklets; I've watched most of the Ghibli movies, but have not watched a single Sailor Moon anything episode, so I won't attempt to interpret the images. I just picked out my favorites to share, as I do enjoy the art style and I'm glad I added these to my collection on that basis.
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...so are there going to be more Short Treks? Or does anyone have fic recs? I'd happily read gen about Tilly or Reno or the minor bridge crew characters, Sarek-Amanda-Spock-Michael family feels, dirtybadwrong Mirror!Georgiou/Michael, anything happy about Captain Pike or Cornwell...or ANYTHING cracky like coffee shop AU or whatever. XD Actually, I'm probably most likely to read coffee shop or mundane AU because that's where my brain is right now, LOL.

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Apr. 20th, 2019 02:59 pm
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reading for Phoenix Extravagant

from The Met's essays on East Asian art (hat-tip to [personal profile] mecurtin

(yes i am literally reading my way through relevant-to-this-novel things in alphabetical order)

- Art of the Edo Period
- Art of the Korean Renaissance
- Art of the Pleasure Quarters and Ukiyo-e Style
- Asuka and Nara Periods (538-794)
- Buddhism and Buddhist Art
- Chinese Buddhist Sculpture
- Chinese Calligraphy
- Chinese Cloisonné
- Chinese Gardens and Collectors' Rocks
- Chinese Handscrolls
- Chinese Hardstone Carvings
- Chinese Painting
- Daoism and Daoist Art
- The Decoration of Arms and Armor [All my arms & armor books, including the ones that talked about decorative techniques, perished in the flood, FML.]
- East and West: Chinese Export Porcelain
- East Asian Cultural Exchange in Tiger and Dragon Paintings [Haha, I think of ones you can find in the tourist markets in Seoul going for a song. Elsewhere too, I'm sure.]
- Edo-Period Japanese Porcelain
- Folios from the Jami' al-tavarikh (Compendium of Chronicles)
- Golden Treasures: The Royal Tombs of Silla
- Goryeo Celadon
- Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-220 A.D.)
Heian Period (794-1185)

for future reference:
- Chinese pigment [Wikipedia]

recently read, other
- Alison Green. Ask a Manager.
Picked this up on sale as an ebook a little bit back. I could have wished for less scattershot organization within chapters, although the chapters themselves were organized by topic (e.g. talks with coworkers, talks with your boss, etc.). Cannot comment on the efficacy of the advice since my job (writing sf/f freelance) is...idiosyncratic. My favorite parts were the far-out-there excerpted letters/answers (like the one about the woman who had a worker who was hexing coworkers she didn't like!!!); less practical to be sure, but I would have found an entire book of the wildest stories more entertaining for anecdote-gathering purposes.

currently reading
- Jason Shepherd. Learn Welsh Now.
A beginning Welsh ebook with linked audio files for pronunciation, which are still up and very handy. Chapters are short, with vocabulary lists, rough pronunciation guides, grammar tips, and quizzes. I'm slowly working through this as a supplement to Duolingo Welsh.

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Apr. 19th, 2019 04:00 pm
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still rsi left wrist

plassyuing flight rising bc i can do that w right mouse hand

also sryth

& weirdly, ipad & pencil 2 drawing on procreate. last night: sketches of pike & enperoro georgiou

ara ius playing the game arsenal an fps w evil chickens. i thought of you, [personal profile] rachelmanija

oik, typing 2 hard. see y'all l8r

comment amnesty

Apr. 18th, 2019 01:16 pm
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i have rsi flare so 1 hand typing only, will re[ply to ppl later

also hunkerted dowm due to tormado watch lol

styay safe ppl

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Apr. 17th, 2019 10:14 pm
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Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 65

How many of you hated The Giving Tree and/or that horrible book with the fish that has to give away its scales?

View Answers

57 (87.7%)

No, and I will tell you why in comments.
4 (6.2%)

Let me tell you about another popular children's book I hated!
2 (3.1%)

Ticky the tiki bar
20 (30.8%)

Something else I will explain in comments
3 (4.6%)


Apr. 17th, 2019 08:22 pm
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Jane Portal's Korea: Art and Archaeology, in summing up the Imjin War, repeats the inaccurate old saw about how the deciding factor in the naval battles was the geobukseon (turtle ships). There were never enough of the damn things; the fleets were mostly paneokseon. Really, besides the paneokseon, it was superior naval doctrine and tactics that made a difference I WILL SHUT UP NOW BUT THIS BOOK IS WRONG ABOUT SOMETHING I CARE ABOUT AND IT IS DRIVING ME NUTS. I suppose it's too much to expect an art historian to care about Korean naval history.

this is my own fault

Apr. 17th, 2019 04:36 pm
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Hundred Words just lost all 1,000 words of today's writing because of a bug I'd known about. I just hadn't realized it was that bad. If you Hide (command-H) the app, new text disappears. Last time I was able to recover it; this time I wasn't.


I guess I...start over, and return to using Scrivener for production work until I figure out where in tarnation that bug is coming from.


I was halfway done with today's writing, and now I'm back to 0. I guess I'll try to recover the 1,000 words and call it a day. This is just demoralizing. *sob*


technical help Q

Apr. 17th, 2019 01:09 pm
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ETA: Mission accomplished--the key is to run Notepad as administrator and then re-edit the hosts file. That enabled me to access regular twitter.com and nuke my Twitter account! *\o/* I guess the catten origami pics will just have to live on my phone, LOL.

Is anyone here knowledgeable in the ways of Twitter?

What I'm trying to do: deactivate my account, nuke it from orbit, whatever. I never want to look at it again.

Why I can't: Every time I go through the steps and hit the "Deactivate this account" button, it auto-relogs me in, reloads, and reactivates the account. It's infuriating.

Possible complication: I can only access mobile.twitter.com, not actual twitter.com, because a year or so back I brilliantly blocked twitter.com on my Windows and Mac machines, but neglected to block mobile.twitter.com. I cannot figure out how to undo whatever it was--something about blocking websites. The last time I tried to re-edit whatever file on my Windows machine, it wouldn't let me save it even though I'm the admin on this computer. I'm foxed.

tl;dr if you are good at computers and know how to make this happen, it would improve my life immensely.

Another Personal/Family Update

Apr. 17th, 2019 11:19 am
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We have a slightly more concrete plan for the coming weeks, with the understanding that plans can change from day to day based on test results, scheduling issues, the whims of the insurance companies, and more.

Amy’s currently going through her third round of R-EPOCH chemotherapy (her fifth or sixth total round of chemo, depending on how you count them.) The goal is to do one more round the first full week in May, then do another CT scan. If she looks cancer-free at that time, we’ll move on to the bone marrow transplant step.

I got choked up the first time the phrase “cancer-free” came up. There’s so much hope and fear wrapped up in those two words, and in the results of that scan a month or so from now. We know she’s responded well to treatment so far, but there’s so much unknown…

We got to spend some good family time together for my birthday weekend, which was nice. I ate way too much, which was also nice 🙂

I’d like to believe the end is in sight, and we’re starting to move toward the next steps of her recovery and rebuilding our new normal. The whole family is pretty damn tired of cancer and chemo and all the rest. This crap gets old pretty quick.

We learned something exciting this week, though. Amy’s been using an infusion pump that delivers her chemo cocktail over the course of 3-4 days. But the tubing has sprung a leak at least three different times, all in the same spot. It looks like the chemotherapy meds are actually eating through the air filter in the line. These are the chemicals they’re pumping into my wife’s body…

Well, if they eat through filters, hopefully they’ll gobble up cancer cells even better.


Apr. 16th, 2019 10:37 pm
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Joe and I just finished watching Maoyu on Crunchyroll. This was Joe's Bad Anime Date Night pick that turned out to be excellent, with two large caveats.

Maoyu is set in a medievalesque fantasy world where humans who follow a united church devoted to the Light Spirit (subtitles use she/her pronouns, I'm not sure about the actual Japanese) are at war with demons under a Demon King. In the very first episode, when the Hero goes to slay the Demon King, she (it's a title; the current Demon King happens to be a woman) spends the entire episode explaining the economic foundations of the war and how she plans on stopping the war so that everyone in the world can find out what a world at peace looks like. I fell in love right there and then.

Let me tell you first why you should watch this anime; and then let me tell you why you might not want to.

Whoever wrote created the source manga clearly has a love of medieval history; this will appeal to anyone who liked Western Civ or, alternately, lovingly buying up tech tree developments in games like Civilization or Age of Empires. Pretty much all the developments you might expect happen, from the introduction of improved crop rotations to the potato, from the establishment of education for serfs to the invention of the printing press. There's even a Protestant movement-alike and the development of the smallpox vaccine. And I could go on. These all come from the Demon King, who passes as a human and calls herself the Crimson Scholar, operating out of a small country in the south as she expands her influence. (Aside: this setting appears to take place in some kind of southern hemisphere equivalent despite being medievalesque.)

I actually kind of wonder how this reads to a Japanese audience; I have no idea to what extent Western Civ is, like, common knowledge in the target audience. (For example, I suspect my mom would have found at least some of these references opaque even though they were obvious to Joe and me.)

It is extraordinarily rare that I encounter female Chessmaster characters. The Demon King is an extraordinary and compassionate Chessmaster with a vision of improvements both for her subjects and for the humans who are supposed to be her enemies. I loved her from the beginning. The Hero, by way of contrast, appears to spend most of the show doing nothing but hanging about waiting for some action. It turns out that he is, in fact, really good at what he does, but he is either On or Off, no in-betweens, which makes it really hard for him to get involved unless he is literally engaged in army-destroying actions. He actually does have extremely powerful healing magic, but the Demon King usually arranges things so that his healing magic isn't needed until the complications begin.

I also loved the three-way relationship between the Hero, his comrade the Knight (a woman who, in RPG terms, is the same level as he is in her class), and the Demon King. They actually tease an OT3 here, including one delightful scene in which the Maid (who is something more like a ninja, including occult powers) throws both the Demon King and the Knight into the Hero's bedroom, and they spend the night sleeping chastely together, the Hero in the middle, the Demon King and the Knight on either side holding hands with him. MY HEART. And despite occasional awkward fits of jealousy, the Knight and the Demon King talk to each other maturely and they are genuinely friends.

And this isn't even getting into the peasant girl who is taken in by the Demon King and the Maid, receives an education, and who has what is perhaps the best character arc of all the characters.

ETA: I forgot to explain what's up with the names! No one has a name in the usual sense. Everyone gets a "name" according to their role. Hence Demon King, Hero, Knight, Mage, Winter King, etc. It was so nice not having to memorize made-up names. *looks shifty*

So, the downsides. The first, and this I consider (alas) the price of admission to an awful lot of anime: the fanservice. The Demon King is, shall we say, quite busty. Almost every episode has a few seconds of fanservice or boob jokes. I found this really aggravating but loved the rest of the show with its politics and economic maneuvers and battles and technological advancements and characters to put up with it.

The second downside is that this is based on a series of light novels with various manga adaptations, none of which finish where the light novels do, and only some? of which are available in English. The anime is only twelve episodes and does not end at any kind of reasonable stopping point. Eps. 11 and 12 in particular are extremely rushed, open up a metric ton of complications, and leave you hanging without resolving anything.

I am contemplating making Joe just acquire the damn manga that do exist so I can get some peace because I want more of this. XD It's vanishingly rare that Joe picks up Bad Anime for Bad Anime Date Night that I like this much!

Hamilton in New Orleans

Apr. 16th, 2019 07:33 pm
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We went to see Hamilton on March 31 in New Orleans courtesy of my sister, who wanted Ara to see it. :3 I was the one in the family seeing it a second time (my sister and I had previously gone to one of the San Francisco showings).

The Saenger Theater was beautiful, and honestly it would almost have been worth the drive down to New Orleans (which, I mean, Joe was doing the driving) for that alone. We arrived with plenty of time to spare; Yune had thoughtfully bought us parking at a nearby garage.

The lighting was a little different than the other one; I noticed at some points they used square-shaped spotlights, and I'm pretty sure the San Francisco show only had circular ones.

I have been equivocal about Hamilton as a character in this musical because I have generally found him impossible to relate to; political ambition is not something I have any visceral grasp of. If I somehow tragically ended up as Emperor of the World, my first move would be to abdicate unless the alternative was President Trump-level awful, because I do not have any skills in anything government/policy-related. The San Francisco Hamilton was very dignified, with a lot of presence, but I didn't really connect to him.

The New Orleans show had Joseph Morales as Hamilton, and he was incredibly charismatic in the role; for the first time, Hamilton was a character that I could relate to as a person. So I'm really grateful to have seen him perform. The one fault is that, for the lead role, he doesn't seem to be able to hold pitch reliably; not once but twice, on largely unsupported entrances (i.e. little or no other music to give him a reference pitch; I don't know the technical term for this), he came in like a quarter-tone sharp and had to quickly retune to the rest of the company. I mentioned this to Joe after the show and he hadn't noticed at all, but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one in the audience who did.

Eliza (Nikisha Williams) and Angelica (Ta'Rea Campbell) were amazing and pretty much nailed their cadenzas. Aaron Burr (Desmond Sean Ellington) was an interestingly different take--Ellington played Burr as much more of a snake than in the Broadway recording or in the San Francisco production (which was fairly similar to the Broadway in interpretation), with insinuating intonations on "how does a bastard, orphan, etc." throughout.

Washington (Marcus Choi) was largely played straight, as opposed to the slightly mischievous take of the San Francisco Washington; this was fine.

I did find it a bit disappointing that King George (Conroe Brooks) was acted in such a minimalist fashion during his first appearance; he sang almost that entire first song standing dead-still in a pool of light, which I didn't find nearly as fun as the gesturing with a tiny sceptre of the San Francisco production. This improved later on, though.

I also still hate "Hurricane," not because it wasn't beautifully produced--it remains beautifully produced--but that entire song is about Hamilton thinking he's outsmarted his way past the Reynolds/adultery thing and then being completely wrong, and it's an almost unbearable several minutes of embarrassment squick central. I think it was even worse this time around because I liked Hamilton that much more due to Morales' performance; last time I cared less.

It probably also did not help that I started having a screaming migraine in the middle of "Hurricane," which lasted through the night until I caved and took a prescription muscle relaxant, which in turn knocked me out for 24 hours the way it always does. (But at least the migraine went away.) But the migraine was why I didn't get around to writing this up earlier.

tl;dr this was amazing. I'm so grateful to my sister for enabling my family to have this experience. ♥ Joe loved it despite not being particularly into musicals, and Ara, though more reticent, seemed to like it too!

further plant-based aspirations

Apr. 15th, 2019 08:20 pm
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I just bought a moss terrarium in a geometrical (dodecahedron) container from TerraSphereTerrarium on Etsy, on the grounds that before I invest $$$ in a garden makeover (when I'm still figuring out what I want, anyway), I should see if I can keep moss alive. XD

Joe responded to the idea of a terrarium with surprising enthusiasm (I had expected indifference); he said he remembered doing a terrarium when he was a kid and he liked the thought of having one. We're thinking of *squirm* cleaning off the kitchen table (among other things, I don't think my enormous A2 light table needs to be out there when I'm not using it for art/comics work!) and displaying it there--it gets a bit of sun, but there are blinds and the roses that grow in front of that window provide a bit of shade. :) I hope Ara likes it too.

I have had the BRILLIANT IDEA that if I plant anything beyond moss in my garden nook, it will be GREEN ONION. You can buy it at the supermarket! And then you plant it and it goes vroom!

If anyone was wondering why the hell Hexarch Shuos Mikodez grew green onion in a pot, it is this: a green onion is the first planet I grew on my own, as opposed to the obligatory African violets and spider plants that they give you at school (or did at SFS, anyway). Back in 4th grade, we lived in a high-rise apartment and it so happened that we lived on the undesirable ground floor; people usually prefer higher floors so as to avoid the risk of burglary. (Violent crime is pretty rare in Seoul, or was when I lived there, but theft and burglary was a thing. Korean houses and apartments always had metal grilles over the windows so people couldn't break in, so I always found it surprising that American houses didn't usually do this.) Anyway, the silver lining was that we had a small back yard area, where my sister and I played in the mud and dug around and moved mosses and "gardened" and poked at the pill bugs or roly-polies or whatever they're called.

Why did I plant a green onion? Well, you see, there were balconies on the upper-floor apartments that overlooked the ground floor apartment gardens. One day, a green onion fell down from Heaven one of those balconies--I think someone was cooking or putting away groceries or who even knows. Since it was impossible to figure out which of the zillion upper-storey apartments it had come from, I decided to plant the green onion.

I did not realize then that green onions are actually excellent starter plants. I didn't expect it to grow, but it did! And then years later, in high school after we returned to Korea and were living in a house rented from one of my dad's friends, we had a garden that included a persimmon tree (useless because the aphids got to it every year, despite pesticide treatments), a jujube tree that fruited pleasingly (I still miss those jujubes), and moos roses. At this point, I asked my mom if I could plant a green onion and of course she said yes (my mother loves gardening and has the green thumb to support it), so she bought me a green onion from the supermarket and I planted it and it grew! This time it even flowered, and I got to see just how delightfully ugly green onion flowers are. Every so often if my mother needed green onion for her cooking I would snip some off and present it to her. :)

tl;dr I have outsized nostalgia for green onions, they are IDIOT-PROOF (I literally cut all the leaves down to the ground on Green Onion #2 once to see if it would recover, and it did!), and they have that sort of grassy look without growing out of control like actual grass. I think I could have green onion in my garden!

I actually kind of wonder if a Venus fly-trap would thrive in this climate. I used to have one in college and despite being told that they're rather fragile, I kept it alive all the way until winter break. I then gave it to my friend the horticulture major to babysit for me over winter break (because I was going to be in Korea) and due to a freak accident she managed to kill it. XD

I "raked" my miniature sand garden in a tray today, this time with zigzags. Yesterday was spirals. It was surprisingly soothing. I wouldn't mind getting a tiny seashell or two to add to the garden, but the last time I was at the beach was at Biloxi a couple years back, and the entire shore was dead--seaweed and driftwood, but no shells--because of some oil spill a while back? So that was sad.

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Apr. 14th, 2019 10:18 pm
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Joe says this is the most guilt-inducing thing I have ever brought home:

This is a miniature zen garden from ChillRoomCompany on Etsy. There are bigger, nicer miniature zen gardens for the indoors but I need one with a lid because I have a catten and I suspect she would track the sand everywhere. Anyway, I am playing with this tonight because I can't have a real zen garden. This is approximately the size of my smartphone.

I am currently reading Yoko Kawaguchi's Authentic Japanese Gardens. I am so homesick right now. My brain insists that a proper landscape should either look like the woods in Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri (my memories essentially begin in Missouri) or South Korea. Guess what? Baton Rouge does not look remotely like either of those locations. All the plants are wrong. :(

Japanese gardens are, generally, the closest thing I can get to Korean landscaping/gardens in the USA. I was desultorily researching whether I could turn a corner of the side garden into a quasi-zen garden, but I have zero gardening experience other than container gardening, and the big thing that I don't want to mess with is drainage. This house arrived fully landscaped and other than, well, neglecting it (we've done nothing beyond necessary trimming of hedges and so on, no mulch or fertilizer or whatever), I'm hesitant to mess it up. I am not particularly fond of the aesthetic and to be frank, I hate the entire front yard, but the entire front yard apparently passes muster with our draconian HOA so my compromise is never to spend any time out there and just leave it alone. The side and back yards (which are fenced, and therefore immune to HOA judgment) are rather bigger and where the catten and I spend our time anyway.

In any case, I had a brief, glorious dream of doing a truly tiny Japanese-influenced garden in the back yard with an artificial tiny mound to imitate a hill (I can't get used to how flat Louisiana is) so I could have a glorious view out the study window, which was quickly dashed when I read an article on berms (?) and it pointed out that you need to consider drainage. It rains A LOT where we live, and I do not want to do anything that causes water to pool around the house's foundations even more than it already does. (We actually have a drain in a corner of the back yard. Longer-term we might *wince* want to put gutters on the roof to direct rainfall toward that drain, assuming we stay in this house that long.

I suspect that in order to avoid messing things up, it would actively be cheaper to hire a landscaper. I also suspect I cannot afford a landscaper (I don't come from the social class of people who know how landscaping works, how to hire a landscaper, or what they cost). I also don't actually enjoy gardening. (I've tried it. Please trust me on this.) In an ideal world, I would throw money at someone to set things up and tell me how to maintain it. I imagine the odds of my finding someone in Baton Rouge who would listen to my inchoate ideas of the aesthetic I want and be able to realize it are probably pretty dismal.

tl;dr this is why I am here, tonight, with some pebbles and sand in a metal box the size of my smartphone, drawing lines in the sand with a glorified toothpick.

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Apr. 13th, 2019 10:56 pm
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I have literally been researching iPad games that might be fun for me for the last two hours. (Did you know that Race for the Galaxy has an iOS port, 2nd edition even? :D That and Yomi should probably do me.)

Joe: "You know, the obvious solution is to write your own game."
Me: "I do not know how to write a game."
Me: "I've never coded for iOS."
Joe: "You'd never coded for macOS before either and now you have a macOS app."
Me: "IT'S NOT THE SAME. Besides, I owe [personal profile] isis a Twine game. And after that, if I were to work on any game, it would be the 50% completed ChoiceScript Shuos Academy game that I had to cancel after the flood."

(Seriously: The game is 50% complete. It would take me some weeks to get back up to speed on it, but the entire outline exists, and since Joe actually knows how to code, unlike me, he said he could help me with the programming bits. I just think post-Hexarchate Stories Shuos Academy CYOA-style game is a hilarious concept and it would be fun to kick it off my HD.)

ETA: The other thing maaaaaybe worth looking into is go, except I would need like a beginner/tutorial at the 9x9 or 13x13 level. Joe, of course, would want an actual decent machine opponent, or else a server to play human opponents. I'm so bad at the game that I just need fundamentals first.

Star Trek: Discovery 2.13

Apr. 12th, 2019 11:19 pm
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...please tell me there will be a third season of this?! Read more... )

iPad apps?

Apr. 12th, 2019 08:17 pm
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Having HOARDED money for the past [mumble] months, and having visited an Apple Store to fondle some iPads (I needed to know if the Pencil or Pencil 2 was right for me, and what size felt right for me), I have pulled the trigger on a 2018 iPad Pro 11".

I have not used iOS in like ages. Y'all would have found it hilarious watching Joe and me try to figure out how to get back "home" on an iPad Pro in the absence of a home button. I had to Google it on my Android phone. I apologize for using an Android phone in an Apple Store...

However! iPad users, would you like to rec me some apps?

I already know that I'm getting Procreate and one of the apps that lets you use the iPad as display for your Mac (I'll have to check reviews)--this offers the interesting possibility of drawing on the iPad while running Clip Studio EX on my Macbook Air, especially since no way no how am I PAYING the subscription price for the iOS version when I already own it for macOS.

In all cases I would really rather not subscribe to something if I can buy things outright. I'm not super-fond of in-app purchases but I will put up with them if the app is really great.

Other things I am interested in:

- A soothing, low-stress game. I'm talking Neko Atsume levels of soothing. Or maybe something that lets me grow a virtual plant but doesn't kill it if I forget about it for a week, that kind of thing. Right now I'm thinking this would be an excellent time to actually play Inkle Studio's adaptation of Steve Jackson's Sorcery! gamebooks.

- A turn-based RPG. Genre doesn't matter, although I have a bias toward sf/f.

I cannot handle realtime. Joe says games like FTL where you can pause combat at any point are basically the same. They are not the same. Realtime stresses me out and I have suck reflexes. Hell, if they have roguelikes for iOS, tell me about them!

- A coloring app!

- A basic DAW. It doesn't need to be a 100% full-featured workstation; just something I can get down musical sketches in instead of having to write everything down in a paper notebook in my improvised godawful quasi-tablature. Does anyone have experience with Cubasis, for instance?

- What are the word processor solutions on iOS? I have a Macbook Air so I don't expect to be using the iPad for actual writing work, but it would probably be nice to have something for basic notes or writing fic or whatever.

If there are other apps or accessories I should be looking into, please feel free to rec those too. I've already ordered a case, an artist's glove (might be completely unnecessary but doubles as a Jedao joke, which in this household is enough reason by itself), and a folding Bluetooth keyboard.

Bonus question: I'm taking suggestions for iPad names. My Kindle Paperwhite is named Kujen 7, if that helps. (It hasn't betrayed me yet?!)

art history Q

Apr. 12th, 2019 04:43 pm
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Have also queried elsewhere, but: does anyone have recs on art history/theory for the East? My focus right now is Korea, but I'm happy to look elsewhere (including Russia) for comparison's sake.

I suspect there is a TON of material on, e.g., Chinese art history just sitting in the library. HOWEVER. The last art history book I read (Art for Beginners by Dani Cavallaro) was, for lack of a better term, super Western-gaze-y. I really, really want something that doesn't take Western art as the center, and because I majored in math, I don't have a good sense of where to find this. If anyone here is art-knowledgeable and can point me to online resources or books I could ILL, I would really appreciate it.

Also, would much appreciate resources with PICTURES in them so I can see what they're talking about. XD

(Back to reading Jane Portal's Korea: Art and Archaeology...)
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