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Because I'm working on a review column, I've been thinking about description. In particular, I've been thinking about why, in one book, four pages of description can hold my attention, and in another, one paragraph causes my eyes to glaze over as I skip it looking for dialogue.

Since I can't competently review a book while doing this, it's an issue.

The word for word writing between books with description that holds me and books that cause me to bounce is fine. It's not that the actual word choices are bad; I'm not cringing (and I should hope not) at sentence level construction. But.
ruminating on description and its use )

ETA: If you don't have this reading tick, is there anything that does throw you out of description in a book?

ETA2: This actually isn't a post about writing, but rather a musing post about how I read or interact with text. As such, it's not meant to be a judgement on how other people read, and not really a directive on how to write, unless you think I'm in the middle of your intended audience.
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Writing short stories is absolutely the fastest way to gain skill. Amateurs will say "but I only write novels!" Pros know better.
--Advice from a published writer, offered on Twitter

I am obviously an Amateur.
Because having written over a dozen published novels clearly hasn't put me in a position where I, as the tweet says, know better )

Edited because "being" and "begin" are not the same words, even if they contain the same letters.


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