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Having covered probably the most common reader complaint I've heard over the years in the bookstore, I'm now going to move directly to one of the next most common.

I hate LKH for turning Anita Blake into such an oversexed solipsist. Doesn't she realize that she's losing all her fans?

This one, oddly enough, I have more problems with, for a variety of reasons. And this one follows more clearly [ profile] amber_fool's question, which spawned the previous two posts indirectly.

The first problem would be: LKH regularly hits NYT #1 with her later books. She is clearly not losing all her fans. The argument made here isn't based on what I can see as objective fact, unlike the previous argument downstream; in the previous post the base fact is: Book 5 or book 3 do not exist, which is immutable.
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Before I start, I want to point out that I've touched on reader-entitlement before. Everything I've said there is still true, but everything I said there was very relevant to the way I feel as a writer of a multi-volume story.

This post is more general: it's about things I've heard--frequently--in the bookstore from customers. Not from every customer, but often enough that it warrants some thought. I don't argue (much) with customers who evince these opinions or have these reactions, because that's not my job (I will, however, argue with them about why I should love or hate a book, because as a reader, I have my own opinions about this; I consider that part of my job as well. Ahem). My job is to find them books they'll enjoy reading. I'm not in the bookstore as an author; I'm in the bookstore as a bookseller.
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