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When I started writing these posts well over a year ago, I had two things in mind.

First, I wanted to write about how my ASD son and elementary school. I wanted to talk about how the environment was safe, and the efforts required to make it safe for him. The efforts are not small, and they're not about punishment. If the environment does not feel safe for almost all of the children in it - including those who bully - it frequently fails.

It's vastly easier to make the household a safe environment. It involves far fewer people, and far fewer cultural contexts.

Second, I wanted to write about my own experiences with an ASD child, because I know a lot of people out there are facing some of the same difficulties, and they often feel isolated. By putting these posts up, I wanted to let people know, for a few minutes at a time, that they were not alone.

These posts were not meant as advice )

Also: if anyone has any questions about anything I've written, ask them here, and I'll try to answer them. If you don't want to ask them with identifiers, ask them anonymously, or ask them in email.


May. 15th, 2011 12:05 am
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I appear to have survived another Winter, and the usual snowy spring, and I'm poking my head above ground to apologize for my long absence. Which is not the only reason I'm writing this post; I'm also writing because of something that happened to my oldest son this afternoon.

He does volunteer work at a library in order to fulfil his community service requirement (a necessity if he wants to graduate high school). While he was waiting at the bus stop to return home, someone approached him. (ETA: my husband wants me to point out that it's necessary to do volunteer work within the community for anyone to graduate high school; it's not community service in lieu of time served.)

I've mentioned this someone before in a prior post, but in case you don't want to go back and read it there, I'll include it in a blockquote here:
The world is a very, very small place )


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