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[ profile] jpsorrow had an idea, which is responsible for this post. He thought it would be useful, helpful, or at least not entirely boring if a bunch of novelists posted a synopsis or outline that was used to actually sell a book.

As many of you are probably painfully aware, outlines are the anti-book, as far as I'm concerned. They are dreadful, horrible, book-killing things, because you have to hit the plot points of a book, and make it all sound compelling and interesting. If you do this, however, you are bleeding energy from the actual book itself, at least if you're me, because even if it is many, many pages short of actual novel, you have already told the story, and the incentive to, you know, tell the story is severely lessened as a result.
Selling Cast in Shadow -- a brief note. Well, it started out brief )

It goes without saying that there are MASSIVE SPOILERS for Cast in Shadow behind this cut )

So, that's the outline. I'm not the only person that [ profile] jpsorrow asked to do this, and I'm not the only person who said yes -- so below is the list of links of other participating authors. We all agreed to post on the 18th of March, so all of these links should lead to lots of interesting stuff.

Other authors who are also blogging about outlines or synopses that sold books )

ET: Cut out all the spaces between the links, because, well, not necessary and also to add:

Janni Simner ([ profile] janni):
P. R. Frost/Irene Radford ([ profile] ramblin_phyl):

both of whom also posted.


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